The Importance of a Modern Workspace


Having an updated, modern work environment is a standard here at PowerBuilt. We feel that our associates thrive when they have the necessary tools and workspace to express themselves professionally. Here are some tips we have learned along the way:

Breakout Areas

Multiple breakout areas with the proper displays encourage team collaboration – without disruption. All our breakout meeting rooms have the option to present wirelessly from their laptops. No wires, no fuss. These breakout areas can also double as a quiet space for an associate to make phone calls with clients or focus on a detailed project.


Literally. As soon as you walk through our front doors you understand what we mean. You will see our reception desk, multiple offices, two conference rooms, our break lounge, and the inside of our workshop with your first step. The reason behind this is clear (pun intended). Keeping our customers and associates “in the loop” is a major part of our culture. Here at PowerBuilt we celebrate our victories together and we work through our obstacles together.

Updated, Clean Work Areas

At PowerBuilt, we make a point to provide new, clean work equipment to our associates. We encourage team members to pick up their work areas on a regular basis. It has been scientifically proven that a clean work environment can lower stress levels and increase productivity. (Seriously, Google it.)


The importance of culture. What isn’t important about culture? It is the foundation of your company, its who you represent! Having a positive company culture is a vital part of success. The mission should be a single vision and your team should move toward it together. At PowerBuilt, we keep it simple: treat your customers and each other with respect in order to achieve our customer’s goal.


At the end of the day, if your employees are comfortable and have updated tools, they will produce quality results that benefit everyone including your customers!

Hannah Hauck